Thursday, September 16, 2010

I am part of the way through writing a book based on my "Encounters" series of Articles I wrote on Hub Pages. It is partly auto-biographical. It is over 60% complete already. I spend  up to an hour and a half a day to get it all written down and then I'm doing an edit / re-write after that. Then some promo work and off to to get it published! (Link goes to my hub on self-publishing on Lulu.) Big day for moi and my belle Cathy. She guest stars in this paperback adventure naturally! How could she not! Many people have encouraged and made suggestions - most of them from Hub Pages where I write my Hubs. Aaah, thanks Guys & Gals!

I want to thank the many Hubbers and friends who have supported me in this adventure and I appreciate the fans, followers, Facebookers, Myspacers, Bloggers and everyone who has help inspire this. And especially Cathy and Blaise, and Allie and Amber...and you too Art! Again, many thanks, everyone!! :D

Meanwhile, read some of these totally awesome books! You have to start somewhere. 

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