Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The world is a better place when we see how much poetry is making a difference to our lives. And there are some wonderful writers. I have been a member of Hub pages for the better part of 2 and a half years. In that time I have met many wonderful writers, and poets.

Cathy my partner is also a wonderful poet. Her poetry is going from strength to strength. Have a quick a look at her new poem here.

Cathy is soon to publish her own first first volume of poetry. And she is proud to be getting published. Meanwhile my own Novel is almost ready to er... come out of the oven itself. LOL!

So we will both be getting published very soon.
It is a great time to be a writer or poet. The world of publishing is changing and some things are turning in the writer's favor.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

New Websites and blogs coming in march 2012

I have great news. I am developing and upgrading my websites and blogs into bigger newer, more upscale web content. It comes with upgrading to a new host and all new designs.

And there will be some new domains as I expand into new fields. Social media will be a significant part of this, as will mobile media for Smart Phones and Tablet PCs. I truly believe that this is the way to go with web content.

Please bear with me as I add more bang for everyone's benefit!

Cassy and Cathy

Saturday, February 11, 2012

I have to sing this from the rooftops! Cathy Nerujen, my partner and I have just published a crazy story on to Hub Pages. It is a fictitious drama about the God named Narcissus who has fallen in love with a Nymph named Echo - who is marked for Death by two women. Narcissus is also fancied by another guy named Ameinias. It is all told in the vein of a Greek drama, except set in modern times, and with humor, and some sexy moments added for fun. The characters are mostly the creation of other writers.

Read this Part 7 Hub if you fancy a laugh!

Narcissus in Peril

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Mobile Phone Apps to get you traffic

Hands up, who has their very own Mobile Phone App for their website? Okay, how many of you have an App for your articles? I have to ask, because In the last few days I just made my second one! My first effort was with the old OVI store run by NOKIA.  My Nokia App is a basic run-of-the-mill App that feeds off my Hub Pages Feed for my Hub Page articles I write occasionally.

My new App is made for the Android Smart phones and this includes all Android versions. Yes, I have been a busy girl. The new App is located here...

Basically you can see what the App looks like, before you finish it. And the Creating dashboard where the App is made is stunningly easy to use In fact, I'd say making an app is as easy as making a hub page or sending an email. As long as you have the images ready, the necessary links and the navigation all worked out - it is easy. And though there is a slight issue with payment, you can host your app on your blog or website and set that as a app download page by just putting the link there. You have to usually pay a little money to register the App and host it on the App store page. But it is well worth it.

Some people like me have free apps that have no ads whatsoever. Other Apps cost a few quid and may have adverts on them. My next app will have ads, and I am already working on that.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Are you a Business User on the web, or a person who uses social media just for fun and recreation? This might be an important question. If you use Google Plus, then there may be good reasons to use it for business use, to a large extent. The current trend is for people to try getting their Facebook accounts and profiles turned into Business Profiles so they can appeal more to fans and users who want to either buy, subscribe to or join something. There are over 750 Million users there, so that is understandable.

But what about serious business people who are just in it for strictly business reasons, and have no interest in the fun or recreation stuff? Well, that's where LinkedIn comes in. LinkedIn is a social network intended for serious users who wish to integrate with serious users for networking, for making business links, joining business groups, learning business skills, and getting work offers and even finding jobs. Not to forget promoting themselves.

LinkedIn has grown 120% in the last Quarter of the year, showing a record increase in membership. It works similar to Facebook - you post up a profile and put in your links and join various groups, and grow your membership, and you mingle with others. And simply watch the list of members climb who know you.

LinkedIn has a serious attendance and high traffic numbers. This site has a Google Page rank of 9/10. It is almost up there with Facebook. And curiously, it seems to have some of the facilities that Google Plus would like to have. Google Plus is certainly growing, but many joined Google Plus out of curiosity and some suggest its growth has slowed a tad.

But for business users, for now - it has to be LinkedIn and Facebook.

Friday, July 1, 2011

To Tweet or not to Tweet

Should you Tweet? Is Tweeting addictive? Yes it is and it can seriously damage your social life because you will want to use it so much! Let's face it. Most of us love the internet more than we admit and we are socialising through it more and more. So embrace Tweeting and Twitter. It will help you grow your presence on the web and improve your status!

Team Cheeky.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Cheeky Girl Post - Cathy Nerujen publishes Part 1 of poetry course

My wonderful partner Cathy as started a new Poetry Guide for poetry lovers and beginners. It's all about poetry and how to love it all over again. Written by a seasoned pet and successful online published poet.

Check it out!