Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Making Money from Google Adsense & Amazon Associates

This is part of an article I just wrote about how to make money from Google Adsense and Amazon Ads. Let’s assume that you are the following. You have a Hub Pages account, or an equivalent article on some website you just published and you will write more. Hub Pages or your website builder lets you put ads from Google Adsense, (or in Hub Pages case - Amazon Ads, EBay ads, and Kontera Ads on all your Hub Pages, provided the material you write suits the ads terms. I will deal with Google and Amazon here for now.)

Let’s also assume you are interested in earning income from your Hub Pages or your efforts in creating what it is you put on the Web, in whatever form it takes. Hubs allow you to make money income from the advertising lpaced in the articles you write. When you've made your first $100 like me - this gets very tempting to want to achieve more again! It’s nice to get something back from it all. It helps to justify the efforts. You are thinking of setting up or have already set up a Blog account on Blogger. Reason – you can display Google Adsense Ads and Amazon ads for any Amazon products there too...read the Hub Page article for more...follow the link!

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