Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Imelda May - this is your Life

Imelda May is to Rockabilly what Elvis is to Rock n Roll. They say the "King" is dead. I think Elvis never left the building - he snuck into the ladies room and put on a skirt and came out as Imelda May. So okay, I am kidding. Or am I? Imelda May is one name that in the crowded world of music - just stands out. She started life as a music buff in love with the old classic songs her parents loved, and she later performed in the Liberties in Dublin - Ireland, where she grew up as a young woman with a passion for old fashioned music that was thought to be long gone out of fashion. The Rockabilly sound was an American invention, and had its day, and some very famous names attached to it. Gene Vincent and Bill Haley to name but some. Now Imelda May has arrived and is giving a somewhat jaded music scene a touch of the new, in the old, but the new - if you know what I mean. But you need to know the full story, so click the link and read away, and enjoy her interview film and music double video ala Jools Holland's show...


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