Saturday, August 28, 2010

Why do we need change - why we hate change

I am going to talk about change and how change affects things. Think about this. Why do we have to sometimes change just to be who we really are? When we are trying to be successful or trying to accomplish something in our life, have you ever noticed that one of the first things that happens is that we get told we should not do the thing, or we get asked why we are doing it? And what are we doing it for? Have you ever been a husband or wife in a relationship or someone’s partner and have decided to do something but everyone is telling you not to do it? And they are telling you to leave things the way they are.

Have you ever read the news or watched TV and seen how some bunch of people are agitating against their government  in some far off country, trying to get something done and having to get someone’s attention? Because they are trying to get something changed? What do they all have in common? They are all discovering that people don’t like change. Change can be very precarious. The change business can be intense, challenging, uncomfortable, and can even threaten the status quo in ways many people either don’t want, or just don’t like. The bottom line is – change is seen as bad. Imbalance in things creates change. An imbalance or situation of inequality, or an uncertainty or improbable principle can all cause a desire for change. We can disagree with an idea or ideology and want change as a result. Many things can make change possible. They can be random or ordered.

Our dilemma is in what we ought to do about the thing? Should we just observe the change, make a note of it and do nothing, just leaving our own circumstances generally as they are? Or do we take the other option, and decide to adapt that change into our own circumstance or the position of others and gradually introduce the change so as to improve the group circumstances for others and make things better, provided of course that they are willing to allow it?

Seeing change happen somewhere else and seeing how beneficial it can be is often a great experience. It can be an empowering experience. It can be even frustrating to see how by changing, other people and other systems seem to advance and do better than others. Or do better than us, by moving forward in some way. We are all human. We all want things to change if we see the real benefits. Those benefits can be so many things. And all because someone had the smart idea of changing something, and making things better somehow.

So what happens if other people don’t see it the way we do?  What if they listen and try to imagine, but they just can’t see the possibilities that we see? What do we do then?

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