Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Poet who writes amazing words

My partner is a poet who writes on Hub Pages under the name of Astra Nomik. Astra writes romantic poetry, and often it is about me. For the first time on my blog, I want to champion her poetry here. I have links to her hub pages below on the sidebar, but here is a link to her newest poem, called "Naked and Born".

She has a way of dealing with emotions and her feelings in words that is quite mesmerising...

"...Naked and born – is how I feel now –
Just out of a womb, in the wide open warm
Of the Heat of Your Love – of a Sun that is bright –
In the glad of your smile – in the small fish pond,
Where the water it tingles – and bubbles up nice –
As the ambient yellow electric of life –
It burns me all over and cooks through my soul."

There's more to read, so click the link for the whole poem, if you wish. Enjoy the reading here, and check out some of the titles below, you might like them too. Cheers.


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