Saturday, December 31, 2011

Mobile Phone Apps to get you traffic

Hands up, who has their very own Mobile Phone App for their website? Okay, how many of you have an App for your articles? I have to ask, because In the last few days I just made my second one! My first effort was with the old OVI store run by NOKIA.  My Nokia App is a basic run-of-the-mill App that feeds off my Hub Pages Feed for my Hub Page articles I write occasionally.

My new App is made for the Android Smart phones and this includes all Android versions. Yes, I have been a busy girl. The new App is located here...

Basically you can see what the App looks like, before you finish it. And the Creating dashboard where the App is made is stunningly easy to use In fact, I'd say making an app is as easy as making a hub page or sending an email. As long as you have the images ready, the necessary links and the navigation all worked out - it is easy. And though there is a slight issue with payment, you can host your app on your blog or website and set that as a app download page by just putting the link there. You have to usually pay a little money to register the App and host it on the App store page. But it is well worth it.

Some people like me have free apps that have no ads whatsoever. Other Apps cost a few quid and may have adverts on them. My next app will have ads, and I am already working on that.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Are you a Business User on the web, or a person who uses social media just for fun and recreation? This might be an important question. If you use Google Plus, then there may be good reasons to use it for business use, to a large extent. The current trend is for people to try getting their Facebook accounts and profiles turned into Business Profiles so they can appeal more to fans and users who want to either buy, subscribe to or join something. There are over 750 Million users there, so that is understandable.

But what about serious business people who are just in it for strictly business reasons, and have no interest in the fun or recreation stuff? Well, that's where LinkedIn comes in. LinkedIn is a social network intended for serious users who wish to integrate with serious users for networking, for making business links, joining business groups, learning business skills, and getting work offers and even finding jobs. Not to forget promoting themselves.

LinkedIn has grown 120% in the last Quarter of the year, showing a record increase in membership. It works similar to Facebook - you post up a profile and put in your links and join various groups, and grow your membership, and you mingle with others. And simply watch the list of members climb who know you.

LinkedIn has a serious attendance and high traffic numbers. This site has a Google Page rank of 9/10. It is almost up there with Facebook. And curiously, it seems to have some of the facilities that Google Plus would like to have. Google Plus is certainly growing, but many joined Google Plus out of curiosity and some suggest its growth has slowed a tad.

But for business users, for now - it has to be LinkedIn and Facebook.

Friday, July 1, 2011

To Tweet or not to Tweet

Should you Tweet? Is Tweeting addictive? Yes it is and it can seriously damage your social life because you will want to use it so much! Let's face it. Most of us love the internet more than we admit and we are socialising through it more and more. So embrace Tweeting and Twitter. It will help you grow your presence on the web and improve your status!

Team Cheeky.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Cheeky Girl Post - Cathy Nerujen publishes Part 1 of poetry course

My wonderful partner Cathy as started a new Poetry Guide for poetry lovers and beginners. It's all about poetry and how to love it all over again. Written by a seasoned pet and successful online published poet.

Check it out!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Websites, what are they good for....?

Websites, probably one of the world's greatest inventions along with blogs. What better way is there to instantly communicate a message out into the world to someone, and get your point across. Many can be created for free. And millions can be created for just a few quid. the possibilities are enormous, and the propensity to earn an income from them is excellent. They can come in whatever shape and form you could possibly want - and can be selling you message and getting reads while you rest, have a coffee or even sleep. They never switch off, and they are always open. I will be announcing a brand new website for you to check out very soon, courtesy of Cheeky Girl, once again. In the meantime, feel free to check out the Cheeky Girl's Apartment. And check out the many articles in my Hub Pages!

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Kate Middleton and William in summer beachwear

The world's hottest married couple, and yes - here they are showing off on a speedboat, and boy does Kate look amazing! Well, she has a great figure and it is easy to see how she could fit into that amazing wedding dress. She is er...compact but well-made!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Now sell thanks to Facebook - do it yourself

Ever tired to make a store or website that had an e-store on it? Did you know you can make a fee or paid-for store right on Facebook? Yes, and did you also know that I have a great article on how to do such a thing? Well what are you waiting for? Check out this great hub article on setting up a store on the world's most popular social network.

Friday, April 1, 2011

68 copies Hub Pages

Okay, I have bad news for anyone who writes Hub pages. A boat load of Hubbers have discovered in March 2011 that their hubs are being copied word for word onto a website called We think it might be either by a whole bunch of writers with shit writing talent and who are desperate to get earnings from Google using any means possible - or they are being copied by way of using a "scraping" software system that copies huge tracts of information from other websites. I don't know what Hub Pages can do about it, but if you see any hubs copied there, report it to Hub Pages management immediately.

You should also write to 68Articles and report the copyright violations and tell them to unpublish the stolen copied articles. You should also report the copied articles to Google, and let them know that 68 Articles are guilty of having a ton of copied content literally put on 68 Articles word for word. You need to do this immediately, as this is deemed duplicate content, and you will be penalised if it happens. Some of the hubs are not indexed by Google or Bing yet, so this is pretty new. But some articles are being copied from before now. So go there and check your Hubs, to see if any made it onto 68 Articles or not.

If you reproduced your own articles there then that was not a smart thing to do. If you have stolen articles there, do something  about it. Because the word is out now...

Be warned...

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Amazon aStore - Team Shop

Well, I have moved the store to it's new location and now anyone who likes software on Art, design, painting, web design, finance, stocks or shares can check out the shop I run. Visit and browse for bargains! Cheers!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Self publish your book - get self published online

We are entering a new phase in the evolution of publishing as we know it. The iPhone has led to the iPad and eBook readers, and electronic books are no longer the stuff of science fiction. So are you a writer who thirsts and longs for publication and have your work sold and widely read? Well now there is no stopping you...

Friday, March 18, 2011

When is a content farm not a content farm?

Are some websites afraid of Google. I mean are they afraid of them to the point that they would rather the devil they know than the devil they don't know? Since the Google algorithm change in February this year, content farms that publish web articles from writers have been hit by a down grade. But the down grade has been applied unevenly and unfairly - since it was discovered that Google and Bing were using White lists, lists of companies on the net who would be given a free hand where it came to the tight rules made by Google. Tough on some and loose and free on others, sparking fears of illegal Favoritism once again from the European Union. Now Google are facing an investigation to see are they breaking the law, favoring some companies over others by changing rules and not explaining the change in full.

Rules of Google don't have to apply in the EU, which won't allow unfair favoritism by any companies. So the Google Algorithm could eventually be declared illegal and might have to be changed for European firms and Website creators. One thing is for sure. No company in Europe would get away with this, only in America. And the knives are out for Google after many European content creators are complaining of foul actions from Google towards their business.

What if some firms who have been victim of Google in the USA switched to the EU as a base of Operations? If the EU ruled successfully against Google, it could harm the American dot com area. It could see swathes of internet based businesses switching to the EU to avoid the unfair system imposed by the USA and Google.

And what does that say about the rules in the USA? Well, that's another issue for another time. One thing is for sure. When eHow can be a content farm and bask in the glory of being a content farm with great benefits from Google, yet companies like Hub Pages get down graded for being a Content farm of Quality Articles, one must ask - why? If the rules are stupid, which they are, and if we all know it, which we do - and it is unfair...then where is this going?...

This has miles more to go before something will give...

Worse of all is this question...what if Hub Pages is NOT a content farm, but a community of Quality Articles, and Google were just down grading Hubs so they could force Hub Pages to dump Amazon, Kontera and eBay. They all compete against Google for adspace, business and a whole lot of traffic clicksIs this so-called downgrade really just an attempt get a bigger slice of Hub Pages traffic, since "Traffic Makes the world go round"?

Could Google be abusing it's power and its position as the worlds number One Search Engine to profit from the downgrading of others? Has anyone made this connection already? If you were Hub Pages owner, would you let Google away with it, if it were true?

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Jessica Jarrell - an amazing teen talent

How can we not be amazed and enthralled by this beautiful young lady Jessica Jarrell. She has the voice of an angel and model good looks. I only came across her on saturday for the first time when some of my blog fans alerted me to her, as Cathy is a big Justin Bieber fan. Even she missed the Jessica connection. Heh! So now I have made this tribute to her on Hub Pages. Check out the brief bio but mainly the amazing videos, she recorded some of them herself at home and even in the back of the family car. She is just amazing. Read on in my hub...


Friday, January 7, 2011

The Games that Business Directors play - practice for politics

It is a well known fact that certain kinds of political behaviour are not just something that happens for no reason.Political behavior is learned and forged in the fires of Business. Nothing inspires and “teaches” like Money and Power. And the people that learn most are business directors. There are several “types” of directors, just as there are types of politicians. Then there are the Games played by business directors. And oh what games they play. These games also apply in politics of most Governments of well-developed countries. Croneyism, rival camps, empire building, the backstabbers ad everything that goes with it is all here in this article. Read the full text on my Hub Page. See what directors get up to, and remember, the fate of the world depends on these people, so they are supposed to be rational and smart. Yeah...right!


Wednesday, January 5, 2011

StumbleUpon doing well - Google Chrome Store struggles

It looks like StumbleUpon has surprised many people by posting very impressive profits, 20% up on previous sales, as it succeeded in sending "Stumblers" out to over 700 millions other websites. The amount of visitors to StumbleUpon since November 2009 has increased by 98.7%. A clear indicator that StumbleUpon is doing the right thing. So right, it has technically managed to slightly outperform the monstrous and popular Facebook, despite having just a fraction of the Social Network's massive 500 million or more users. Now that is impressive!

Meanwhile Google are struggling to make any profit with their Google Chrome Store. So do we need a new kind of better Google? It seems that it could be using better advertisement to make more people aware of it's rather Itunes-similar looking online store. Some free applications are doing well such as Quicknote, the web application that comes for free, while some other items like Mathsboard, a brilliant educational tool for teaching Maths  to kids only sold 65 items over a similar period. Plus, you have to go and download something onto your Chrome Browser to actually be able to do all this stuff, and agree to purchase through the  Google Checkout system and not Paypal. Could it be Google are just not getting the shout out there? Google are one brand we don't normally expect to find in a news story like this, and plainly, they need to revamp the Google Chrome Store and make it better. What perhaps Google also need to do is really put their Google Chrome out there so people can find it easy, and see its potential. And Google Checkout is another product that needs more user awareness. Be honest, how many people out there have used Google Checkout? Is this all down to a case of just not properly marketing and advertising this service? Looks like 2011 will be an interesting year for Facebook, Google and others as one dominant player takes center stage. Question is - who will it be? The unstoppable Facebook, or someone else?