Saturday, March 26, 2011

Amazon aStore - Team Shop

Well, I have moved the store to it's new location and now anyone who likes software on Art, design, painting, web design, finance, stocks or shares can check out the shop I run. Visit and browse for bargains! Cheers!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Self publish your book - get self published online

We are entering a new phase in the evolution of publishing as we know it. The iPhone has led to the iPad and eBook readers, and electronic books are no longer the stuff of science fiction. So are you a writer who thirsts and longs for publication and have your work sold and widely read? Well now there is no stopping you...

Friday, March 18, 2011

When is a content farm not a content farm?

Are some websites afraid of Google. I mean are they afraid of them to the point that they would rather the devil they know than the devil they don't know? Since the Google algorithm change in February this year, content farms that publish web articles from writers have been hit by a down grade. But the down grade has been applied unevenly and unfairly - since it was discovered that Google and Bing were using White lists, lists of companies on the net who would be given a free hand where it came to the tight rules made by Google. Tough on some and loose and free on others, sparking fears of illegal Favoritism once again from the European Union. Now Google are facing an investigation to see are they breaking the law, favoring some companies over others by changing rules and not explaining the change in full.

Rules of Google don't have to apply in the EU, which won't allow unfair favoritism by any companies. So the Google Algorithm could eventually be declared illegal and might have to be changed for European firms and Website creators. One thing is for sure. No company in Europe would get away with this, only in America. And the knives are out for Google after many European content creators are complaining of foul actions from Google towards their business.

What if some firms who have been victim of Google in the USA switched to the EU as a base of Operations? If the EU ruled successfully against Google, it could harm the American dot com area. It could see swathes of internet based businesses switching to the EU to avoid the unfair system imposed by the USA and Google.

And what does that say about the rules in the USA? Well, that's another issue for another time. One thing is for sure. When eHow can be a content farm and bask in the glory of being a content farm with great benefits from Google, yet companies like Hub Pages get down graded for being a Content farm of Quality Articles, one must ask - why? If the rules are stupid, which they are, and if we all know it, which we do - and it is unfair...then where is this going?...

This has miles more to go before something will give...

Worse of all is this question...what if Hub Pages is NOT a content farm, but a community of Quality Articles, and Google were just down grading Hubs so they could force Hub Pages to dump Amazon, Kontera and eBay. They all compete against Google for adspace, business and a whole lot of traffic clicksIs this so-called downgrade really just an attempt get a bigger slice of Hub Pages traffic, since "Traffic Makes the world go round"?

Could Google be abusing it's power and its position as the worlds number One Search Engine to profit from the downgrading of others? Has anyone made this connection already? If you were Hub Pages owner, would you let Google away with it, if it were true?