Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Facebook Mobile Event on Wednesday Nov 3 - what's happening?

Silicon Valley is where some of the world's biggest and most progressive technology firms in the world bring new products ans ideas to the masses, there is growing interest in a curious new Facebook event planned on Wednesday Nov 3rd. Facebook have been announcing the possible advent of a new technology thought to possibly be either a Mobile Phone of their own, loaded with Facebook features, or an iPad app for Facebook, or the arrival of Facebook Places, an idea that allows Facebook Users to find each other geographically.

A system that will rival the Google Street View technology on Android Phones. While we are trying to guess what Facebook are going to announce, you can bet it will be big. With a Feature film just released "The Social Network" is the most talked about company in the world, even surpassing Larry and Serge. (No, that's not a film, you're thinking of Larry and Chuck!) But whatever announcement it is, it cannot reach fruition without the cooperation of the mobile Phone networks. So is it a Network agreement? One idea coming out is that Facebook has planned some handsets due out after Christmas that will be made by the handset maker INQ which may have enhanced Facebook features. There are two such handsets due in Q1 next year.

Another idea that might be announced at the Facebook Mobile Event on Nov 3rd could well be something called "Facebook Deals". In the USA there are some business partners to Facebook already testing such a service, it allows Facebook users - whether with mobiles or PCs to allow businesses to provides "deals" whenever Visitors check into a Physical store.Think Tom Cruise retail shopping in the film Minority Report.

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