Saturday, November 13, 2010

An extended extract from "Megumi by the Firelight" - Part One

This is an extended extract from the forthcoming book by me, Cassanrda Mantis. The title is to be confirmed as yet. This is just Part One. Part Two will be following here very soon. Below is a short extract. This is the taster, a nice juicy part one of a big Chapter from the book. A weekend sleep-over in a friend's house gets very naughty for the 8 girls. There will be part 2 coming soon. It's a coming of age, coming out, finding true love kind of story. Follow the link for the full version of Part One. (The link opens a Hub Page in a new tab.)

"The idea of a sleep over for 8 girls was great. The fact that it was going to be 8 lesbians, or at least 8 girls with wayward sexual tendencies - was even better, and being 16 years old, and bursting with hormones, we were all looking forward to it. There’d be dressing up, make-up, music, games, stories, magic , palm-reading, shopping comparisons, art, jokes, flirting, and later probably some drinking, smoking and card games and then some naughty stuff, experimenting - as we girlies liked to do. Being Sixteen, naughty to us was kissing and sleeping over sometimes. Basically it was a weekend of partly-realistic teenage delinquency and debauchery and a get-together to see who would snog who. We were not yet progressed to the full-on heavy stuff that gay women or adults did. (And some of us never would.) But my friend Penny told me that a last minute change had been made and that a new girl was being added to replace a sick friend. I was surprised to find Ronda tell me “It’s the Jap girl”. There was a Japanese girl in my class, a very quiet girl who spoke to no one. I was surprised..."

More to come soon. Meanwhile - check out some nice books and films of a similar nature! And check this review of a truly delightful poetry collection by Marifel Collection, a girl's delight - "Toss and Turn".


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