Friday, October 29, 2010

"Toss and Turn" by Marifel Dungo - a book review

Every now and then a miracle happens in the world of publishing. A relatively little-known writer of note suddenly manifests herself in such a way that her poetry, though widely read (in this case on Hub Pages) manages to usurp the world of traditional publishing and gets her first poetry collection into print, courtesy of That poet and Hub Pages writer and scribe of cool Hip-ness is Marifel Dungo, also know as Blais25, and blogger of "Wrong Sent", a blog here on Blogger.

So now Toss and Turn, by Marifel Dungo is a newly published volume of poetry from Hub Pages. She also writes under the non de plume of twentyfive. Toss and Turn represents a selection of her best poetry, some of which are published already on Hub Pages, although some of these poems in her book are new to publication. The LINK with this Blog is for the review of this book, and is a collaborative review by myself - Cheeky Girl and poet Astra Nomik.

I have no idea if writers on Hub Pages ever have had a book review of their subsequent poetry published, but if this is a first, then so be it. Either way, Marifel's poetry represents something new and wonderful in the world of poetry. A warm, unassuming voice full of original ways of looking at love and romance through the lense of wishfulness and desire and longing. We have perhaps all been there. But how many of us have spent our time tossing and turning, and wondering what life had in store for us in the romantic sense of things?

These things and more besides are explored in this 90 page collection of poetry. Marifel has done herself proud. To take the poems from published on the web to published in print is a great accomplishment. And she deserves success.

I have know Marifel for a little over a year now, and one thing I know is that decent warm-hearted people are rare and hard to find. But she is one such woman And I am proud to have her as a friend, and know her as this great poet, with a great style and inflection all of her own. These poems unlock some of her great personality. And she deserves to be widely read. Her book is also available on Lulu as an eBook. Kindle lovers, take note.
You can also scroll down this Blog and check her latest Hub Pages and written articles and poetry. If you'd like a sneak peek of her book, check Fehl Central, her website for her book.
Cassy Mantis. With additional notes by Cathy Nerujen.

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