Thursday, October 21, 2010

Tom Bosley & Bob Guccione pass away - South Park Creators face threats

Tom Bosley, famous actor and star of numerous TV shows and movies died today. He was the famous father figure in many TV shows for decades in the USA and was hugely popular. He starred in "Happy Days" and other shows like "Father Dowling Mysteries", a detective styled priest who solved mysteries that the police could not figure out. He voiced the father character of "Wait Till Your Father Gets Home" a quirky but acclaimed carton on U.S. TV, which found popularity in the UK. Tom Bosley, a huge broadway star and Tony Award Winner died at age 83.

And another star of the entertainment world, albeit, and more adult-oriented thread of entertainment - Bob Guccione also passed away today. The owner of "Penthouse" magazine Bob Guccione died today aged 84, after a long battle with cancer. The Penthouse magazine has been notorious for its depiction of women and for it's involvement in soft porn films that include the box-office disaster "Caligula". It was famous for its debauchery and high paid A-list actors who agreed to act in a film daubed "High art with tits".

Guccione pioneered a way of photographing models with soft lighting and filtering using vaseline on glass mounted in front of camera lenses. He preferred "fluffy" fantasy pictures of women idealized and airbrushed to apparent perfection, and he created a look that was prevalent throughout the 1970's and 1980's in magazines, but which eventually went out of fashion.

Have you seen this bear? Apparently many millions already have, and most were not that angered by it. But it certainly irked one American, who warned Trey Parker and Matt Stone that what happened to Theo Van Gogh in Holland might happen to them. The threat didn't go down well in America and the man who made the apparent threat, named Chessler pleaded guilty to 2 counts of inciting people to hatred. This all came about after an episode that supposedly depicted Mohammed wearing a bear suit or costume in one episode. Many people have wondered why the depiction of a bear? Was the bear anything to do with a Woman being sentenced to death for allowing her students name a bear in their classroom after Mohammed? Was this a way of getting the subject out in the open as a way to either get people to talk about it, or just as a way to be notorious? The threats come at a time when Parker and Stone are about to produce a musical about Mormons. Religion is a favorite subject for Parker and Stone to mess around with in South Park. They did it in some years back in the film Team America, when again Muslims were the butt of some jokes before turning attention on the leader of North Korea, as all characters were performed by string puppets. Irony perhaps? Wasn't there a musical episode of South Park some time back, which was all about Mormons? Apparently, there was. Well, it's heading for the stage! Knowing Parker and Stone, it will no doubt get plenty of media attention, as they have a knack of seeking publicity, presumably in the belief that any publicity is good publicity.

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