Saturday, October 9, 2010

Maggie Q - star of Nikita & Die Hard

Maggie Q is known best for her role in the films Mission Impossible 3 with Tom Cruise and Die Hard 4.0, with Bruce Willis. She plays a great Femme Fatale. And for good reason. She looks amazing and is good even when playing the bad character in a film. Now she has stated in her new TV series "Nikita" based on the Film of the same name, and Luc Besson must be a very happy French film Director. Lots of his ideas and stories and characters seem to end up making him piles of money every time someone makes a sequel or spin off of one of this films. Nikita is one such spin off.

Maggie Q is very good in the lead role as the Killer turned Redemptive Game Changer. She seeks to bring down the very organisation that trained her to be an Assassin. Well, here's hoping the series works out well. She is a very sexy lady, and seems to do well, no mater what she acts in. Is that Luck or Talent? Watch it and decide, if you like. I wrote a BIO of Maggie Q, (Including Trailers for Die Hard 4.o and Nikita TV series) and just follow the link if you are a fan. If not...hey follow the link anyway, there's lots of other nice things to read or "view".

Also worth remembering is that Maggie Q spent her formative years as a model in Hong Kong, and she made some films over there. And some are very good, and very ..well kinda sexy! :)
Enjoy the Blog and Viva la Maggie!

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