Wednesday, January 5, 2011

StumbleUpon doing well - Google Chrome Store struggles

It looks like StumbleUpon has surprised many people by posting very impressive profits, 20% up on previous sales, as it succeeded in sending "Stumblers" out to over 700 millions other websites. The amount of visitors to StumbleUpon since November 2009 has increased by 98.7%. A clear indicator that StumbleUpon is doing the right thing. So right, it has technically managed to slightly outperform the monstrous and popular Facebook, despite having just a fraction of the Social Network's massive 500 million or more users. Now that is impressive!

Meanwhile Google are struggling to make any profit with their Google Chrome Store. So do we need a new kind of better Google? It seems that it could be using better advertisement to make more people aware of it's rather Itunes-similar looking online store. Some free applications are doing well such as Quicknote, the web application that comes for free, while some other items like Mathsboard, a brilliant educational tool for teaching Maths  to kids only sold 65 items over a similar period. Plus, you have to go and download something onto your Chrome Browser to actually be able to do all this stuff, and agree to purchase through the  Google Checkout system and not Paypal. Could it be Google are just not getting the shout out there? Google are one brand we don't normally expect to find in a news story like this, and plainly, they need to revamp the Google Chrome Store and make it better. What perhaps Google also need to do is really put their Google Chrome out there so people can find it easy, and see its potential. And Google Checkout is another product that needs more user awareness. Be honest, how many people out there have used Google Checkout? Is this all down to a case of just not properly marketing and advertising this service? Looks like 2011 will be an interesting year for Facebook, Google and others as one dominant player takes center stage. Question is - who will it be? The unstoppable Facebook, or someone else?

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