Friday, January 7, 2011

The Games that Business Directors play - practice for politics

It is a well known fact that certain kinds of political behaviour are not just something that happens for no reason.Political behavior is learned and forged in the fires of Business. Nothing inspires and “teaches” like Money and Power. And the people that learn most are business directors. There are several “types” of directors, just as there are types of politicians. Then there are the Games played by business directors. And oh what games they play. These games also apply in politics of most Governments of well-developed countries. Croneyism, rival camps, empire building, the backstabbers ad everything that goes with it is all here in this article. Read the full text on my Hub Page. See what directors get up to, and remember, the fate of the world depends on these people, so they are supposed to be rational and smart. Yeah...right!


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