Friday, February 19, 2010

Cathy & Me

Cathy is settling in - she has managed to take over most of my wardrobe. Where the hell does she get all these clothes? She could shop for England! She has a zillion pairs of shoes, a million pairs of socks. Men wear socks. Why is she wearing so many socks? She has thousands of pairs of jeans, most of them are in tatters. She has more shoes than Imelda bloody Marcos. I think I will have to do something radical about this.

Neither of us are smokers, thank goodness. She is a dreamer, and she likes being creative. We love snuggling in the settee watching movies. She hates watching the news. News is a bad thing and like horror porn or whatever, she just will not look at it. Too "negative". She likes my stuff. She can fit into most of my clothes but not my pants cos her ass is big. Not that I complain. It's more to hold!

I am getting resident genius artist You Know Who to do her portrait, we will see it finally this weekend! I am so excited! She is glum about the job thing, but I am earning more than enough. She has totally cleaned out her old bedroom in her folks house.

So it is final. Cathy is bedded down in NW10. Wehey!

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