Wednesday, May 12, 2010

So did Apple mess up the Apple iPad

Apple are known for making smart decisions and doing the right thing most of the time. it is not often that Apple gets it wrong. Apple makes the iPod, the iPhone, the beautiful iMac, and now the iPad. And it is responsible for iTunes - the amazing beast that has tamed the music buying world, by being the world's no.1 music site on the web. So when Apple decide on a new change that will affect us all, it should be a good change, right? It should be something that will make us happier and more productive. Not the opposite. So it seems that Apple has now actually made a blunder - and it's with the Apple iPad that the mess is clearly showing, and Apple need to fix the problem with the Apple iPad. What problem is that, I hear you ask.

The problem is - it does not display Flash animation. Flash is what most ads that appear on the web use to great effect to advertise products and services. Some videos are shown in flash. Some flash enabled websites will not be visible on an iPad. And that's not all...

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